The first time

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I don’t know if you are like me, but in my case, I love the first time.

Which is huge with the first few times, it is the thrill of the unknown. And what’s even more incredible is that the first time is almost endless: as long as you have a little imagination, you can spend years accumulating the first time. It’s a bit like the internet, you cannot say you’ve been around, it’s not possible.

Sometimes I relate my first time as an article or a photo essay as many people. But often the only reminder of the moment passed me enough to sketch a smile on my face.

I remember the first play I wrote, long before Vakarm, constraints of time and my convoluted aftershocks, with more stage directions as text. I remember my first tattoo, the pain mingled pleasure to become the holder of a work of art. I remember my first guitar, my difficult start and my fingers hurt.

I remember my first days in a cheese factory and repetitive tasks : I hate that. I remember my little lies by omission to get my first network administrator position in a high school. I remember my first website, discovering HTML, CSS, and especially that of PHP. My passion for software development.

I do not remember my first train ride, but I remember my first flight, and told me I’d never 20h a row plane. I remember my first electric bicycle, to feel good, a bit like on a bike, but better.

I remember my first false papers (who didn’t do that ?) for a friend with Paint. My first retouching in Photoshop.

And my first parachute jump.

Oh no, that I have not done yet. I keep a few things in reserve. And you, what is your best first time?

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