Should I keep the sticker of my New Era cap?

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The other day I had a mad desire to buy a new cap, the season helping to tip the balance in this difficult choice. My last cap was a New Era 59 Fifty of Yankees baseball team (NY logo that everyone recognizes), black on black, that is to say, very simple in its genre. It has unfortunately disappeared during a drunken night in a bar, after several years of loyal service.


So I took a new cap last weekend, this time a little more colorful, always bearing the logo of the team the Yankees, but this time - unlike the first time - I hesitated to remove the 59Fifty sticker on top of the cap. I don’t like the (many) labels stuck on laptops, as evidenced by a paragraph of this article (and especially this picture).

The day after my purchase when I still had not removed the sticker, my girlfriend asked me why I left this sticker on top of the cap. I replied gravely (like it was the end of the world) and without further explanation that I must attend before removing.


Two days later, while I thought it was really too ugly to linger with a sticker on the head, I simply ripped off.

In this case, this sticker is kept by more than 50% of New Era caps buyers. It is a way to demonstrate the authenticity of the cap, to prove that you have not bought 5 € in a thrift shop.

At the time, everyone took off very nicely the sticker until a rapper that I keep silent the name forgot to remove the label before making his New E. His acolytes have found this cool oblivion is set to do the same, until finally, the fans also come to copy their idol. Like any fashion trend, we adhere (or not), but know that without this sticker, your cap is still beautiful, for you will not pass for a fool with people in the street, who really don’t understand why people insist on doing that.

To conclude, here is a video that is very much in the tone of this article.

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