Not yet in bloom

It’s like a flower not yet in bloom,
We just await the final hue.

If I kept silent every day,
Eyes tight closed with nothing to say
Would you hold my hand for my first pace
As I line up to start the race?

If every day I cried alone,
Scared, afraid and on my own,
And if you feel I’m not fully grown,
Would you lead me into the unknown?

Or if you left me and let me grow
Perhaps I’ll see you when I let go,
It doesn’t matter where you are
I’ll be your earth if you’re my star.

If I refuse to open my eyes,
Just turn my head towards the skies
My spirit opens, there’s no more lies
It’s my last chance, one final try…

By Arthur Lacoste
Inspirated by a Eve-Marine Dessert
Thanks to David Hewes