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The first time

I don’t know if you are like me, but in my case, I love the first time.

Which is huge with the first few times, it is the thrill of the unknown. And what's even more incredible is that the first time is almost endless: as long as you have a little imagination, you can spend years accumulating the first time. It's a bit like the internet, you cannot say you've been around, it's not possible. Read more

Moving and dispossession

Everything is packed. Everything is labeled. Looking at these forty boxes, I realize that he never purchased much of objects during the year 2015. More space, an empty apartment to fill two. Furniture for every room.

Few recovery because I wanted to highlight the volume without distorting the parts, as we say in architecture, or rather in the interior design.
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Should I keep the sticker of my New Era cap?

The other day I had a mad desire to buy a new cap, the season helping to tip the balance in this difficult choice. My last cap was a New Era 59 Fifty of Yankees baseball team (NY logo that everyone recognizes), black on black, that is to say, very simple in its genre. It has unfortunately disappeared during a drunken night in a bar, after several years of loyal service. Read more

Today I signed a bank note

French (and original) article

No, it’s not a joke, I went and did it. At the moment that the price of the pound sterling plummeted, I scribbled my signature on a ten euro note. It wasn’t a 500€ bill in my hand, but for the moment I’ll have to be satisfied with this one.

Authors sign books, actors pen their posters and musicians dedicate their albums. But what about the others? Do they not need recognition? Of course they do. To prove to themselves that they are someone they invest time in socio-cultural projects and get involved in charities and foundations. They nurture good relationships with their family and their neighbours. They help do the cooking and bring a dessert to the party, or a bottle of wine. They have friends as well, who they thank for having been there when times were tough. People like me create a business (myself on several frontiers, just like the rest of the world.) Read more